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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Ron Craigen
      A Superior & Comfortable Harness

      Superior padding and an easily adjustable harness make the Ostrom barrel harness the clear choice. I had my new harness out on 3 trips this season. Everyone had a chance to carry a heavily loaded 60 litre barrel over the course of these trips and we all agreed the harness was comfortable , well padded, and held the load securely close to the body. The harness was easily adjusted to comfortably fit each paddler in turn, male or female, big or small. This is a well crafted product that is built to last and keep you as comfortable as possible while hauling everyone’s food across the portage.
      If you’re using a barrel on a trip you need a well built comfortable harness and this is it. A solid product that does its job well.
      There have been some slightly cheaper harnesses on the market that lack the custom fit and comfort of the Ostrom harness and I’ve been on lots of trips where they have been in use by other paddlers. If price alone dictates your purchase of a slightly cheaper barrel harness you will regret it on the first long portage and probably even on the very first portage regardless of its length. Ultimately the purchase of a barrel harness is about comfort and the Ostrom harness is simply the best in that regard.

      Simon Valleau
      Voyageur Barrel Harness

      I replaced my much loved, well used, falling apart barrel harnesses with two Voyageur Barrel Harnesses in 2021. They have been used and abused this summer and have held up very well. They are easily adjustable for the size and shape of the person carrying the barrel and they are stable and comfortable over long hauls with heavy weight. The multiple grip-points are good for stowing and lifting. Easy access to the barrel lid. I recommend these harnesses.

      Peter H.
      Best Barrel Harness on the market

      Flexible, Durable and Comfortable are not words I have used with other harness products. The Ostrom Voyageur is miles ahead in all of these categories. Regardless of the load or barrel size, the Voyageur harness adjustability and comfort will reduce effort on even the most challenging portages. This harness is built to last and Load Adjuster is a piece of magic frankly. The Voyageur is unquestionably, the Best Barrel Harness on the market.