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Pack comparison chart

Wabakimi Internal Frame Canoe Pack

Volume: 96 - 117L (5878-7116 in3)

Custom Fit (All Genders):

  • Shoulder Straps / Hip belt (S,M,L,XL)
  • Torso (S,M,L)
  • Frame sheet with 2 aluminum stays


  • High volume for families and long trips.
  • Internal frame for heavy loads and long portages.
  • 11” side panel

Winisk Canoe Pack (Frameless)

Volume: 96 - 117L (5878-7116 in3)

Custom Fit (All Genders):

  • Shoulder Straps / Hip belt (S,M,L,XL)
  • Torso (S,M,L)


  • High volume for families and long trips.
  • 11” side panel.

Quetico Canoe Pack (Frameless)

Volume: 79-95L (4809-5822 in3)

Custom Fit (All Genders):

  • Shoulder Straps / Hipbelt (S,M,L,XL)


  • Regular size canoe pack.
  • Great for compact load, kids to adults.
  • 9” side panel.

Voyageur Barrel Harness

Volume: Fits 60L / 30L Barrels (Not included)

Custom Fit (All Genders):

  • Shoulder Straps / Hip belt (S,M,L,XL)
  • Upper adjustment fits longer torsos.
  • Lower adjustment fits shorter torsos.


  • Great for food and gear.
  • 3” of padding on the back panel makes this feel like a pack.
  • Harness is the full length of the 60L barrel for better fit and load control.

Our Specialty

 Woman with custom-fit Wabakimi portage pack


No Extra Cost!
We assemble your pack just for you based on your measurements. Awesome comfort and fit for all genders. And any body shape and size.

Built for Comfort

Ergonomic Design
Shoulder straps, hip belt and frame design are based on research with Queen’s University when designing the Canadian Armed Forces Rucksack. Soldiers carry 100+ lbs!

 Custom-fit Wabakimi Canoe Pack on the portage trail

Lifetime Warranty

High-Quality Materials & Construction
We only use the toughest buckles, materials and zippers. Extra reinforcements on all handles and seams and no raw edges mean your pack will last

Memories. Adventure. Your Own Fishing Spot!

As little as one portage can help you leave the crowds behind. Then who knows what you’ll discover. We’re on a mission to help your pack feel lighter and more comfortable. So you can enjoy the portages more and go deeper into the wilderness.







More comfort. More stability. More energy

Think about your last portage…how did it feel? Did your pack throw you off balance? Did it sag over your backside?

A poorly fitting portage pack or barrel harness (or a one-size-fits-all pack) can feel heavy on your neck and back and is very tiring to carry.

Our custom-fit canoe packs and barrel harness transfer the weight to your legs. So your heavy load actually feels lighter!

Simply use our fitting charts to choose from 4 sizes of shoulder straps and hip belt (S, M, L, XL). The Winisk and Wabakimi have 3 torso length adjustments (S, M, L). Then we’ll assemble the pack just for you.

More comfort. More stability. More energy

Learn more  Women with canoe food barrel harness on Quetico portage
 Men with custom-fit Wabakimi canoe pack on portage

Tripper Reviews

60 days. 1300km. 90+ pounds. More than 100 trail-less portages. Armstrong to Fort Severn on Hudson Bay, Ontario. My pack felt nice and snug to my back, the shoulder straps and hip belt were very comfortable as if it was a part of me. I’m 5’8, 110 pounds, and having a bag I feel confident carrying makes me excited for the trails of summer.

Leah Jackson


Best Barrel Harness on the market Flexible, Durable and Comfortable are not words I have used with other harness products. The Ostrom Voyageur is miles ahead in all of these categories. Regardless of the load or barrel size, the Voyageur harness adjustability and comfort will reduce effort on even the most challenging portages. This harness is built to last and Load Adjuster is a piece of magic frankly. The Voyageur is unquestionably, the Best Barrel Harness on the market.

Peter H.

Finally! A canoe pack that fits a small person!!!
I bought the Winisk canoe pack out of desperation. … I'm 5'0, and…Portaging was literally painful. I saw the Ostrom packs and thought I'd give them a try since they are built for your personal measurements. We loaded the pack up to about 55-60lbs and my husband helped me get it on my back and tighten everything up. It was a dream!!! No more pain on my neck and shoulders from ill-fitting straps, and a waist belt that actually came to my waist and tightened up, and stayed in place. The portaging was SO MUCH EASIER for me!


Winisk Pack
After years of using waterproof, unstructured bags with shoulder and waist straps we purchased a Winisk Pack last year… The Winisk is a high quality pack with lots of room for a long trip. Construction quality is first rate, and the harness is very well designed. Thoughtful placement of straps and handles on the outside of the pack make it an easy lift out of the canoe. The harness is adjustable and it makes for a very comfortable carry. Hands-down the best addition to our paddling kit in years. If you are looking for a new canoe pack, I highly recommend you consider Ostrom.

Joe Farwell

Great pack and service
My wife has had this pack for a season now and ready to write a review. First off the service received was beyond our expectations. All of our questions about sizing were answered promptly and a ton of time was spent with us. Secondly I still got the waist belt size wrong (careful about this when buying as a gift for your partner). Of course this was days away from our first planned trip and Bill shipped one out that day… The waist belt and shoulder straps are top of line and very comfortable. Heavy duty material, intelligent design and comfort. Highly recommend this pack and will be buying one for myself this year.

Matt Faulkner

Fantastic Pack
I used the Wabakimi on a four day whitewater canoe trip on the Noire river recently and it performed beautifully. The strap and harness system is fantastic, making portaging a dream compared to some other packs I have used in the past. This pack has well thought out pockets, a well designed hip belt, and beefy strong shoulder straps. These features are all custom to my size, and the internal frame gives structure. Look no further, you have quality here.

Mike Turnbull

Quality Product at an amazing price
The Ostrom Quetico is a lot of pack for the money. Quality, robust materials with unparalleled construction fit and finish. 1000 Denier makes for an incredibly durable and long lasting pack. The closest comparisons lack the adjustability, durability and additional features like the top pocket and grab handles found on the Quetico… If you are looking for a comfortable, durable, well priced mid-sized pack, the Ostrom Quetico should be at the top of the list.


 Man walking on a canoe trip portage ©Mike Monaghan

35+ Years of Canoe Camping & Design

Bill Ostrom has been tripping since he was a kid. And wrecking his mom’s sewing machine designing gear since he was a teenager.

Since 1987 he’s designed products ranging from canoe packs and barrel harnesses, to the Canadian Armed Forces rucksack, to wheelchair bags.

In 2021 he took his portage pack designs to the next level. They are more comfortable, and we introduced adjustable torso sizes on the Winisk and Wabakimi. (Better for sharing!)

He also revolutionized our Voyageur barrel harness. The new Upper Adjustment lengthens the torso and the harness fits most people so much better now.

Learn more  Old Voyageur Channel French River canoe camping trip ©Anne Ostrom