Custom-Fit - The Secret to Comfort and Stability on the Portages.

You can rest assured that Bill Ostrom is always designing ... always looking for ways to help you enjoy the portages more.

Your support enables us to support non-profits that get youth facing economic and social challenges out on canoe trips.

This year we donated canoe packs to Project Canoe and Trails Youth Initiative.

A family-owned Canadian business since 1987.


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How to Choose a Canoe Pack

Wikipedia says that “A canoe pack, also known as a portage pack, is a specialized type of backpack used primarily where travel is largely by water punctuated by portages where the gear needs to be carried over land.”

Sure, you could use a “backpack” for canoe tripping, but they are often too small to carry all your gear, and too tall to fit well in a canoe.

We’ve designed 3 models of portage packs. All include standard features like 4 handles, a zippered lid pocket, snow cuff top, and lots of compression straps.

To ensure you get a portage pack or barrel harness that fits you well-

  • shoulder straps and hip belt come in S / M / L / XL and
  • the torso length on the 2 largest packs can adjust to S / M / L.
So, which pack should you choose….

We suggest that your first step is to think about a) how long your trips are, b) how many portages, c) how much gear you take, and d) how heavy your pack will be.

Think about your future goals.

Do you envision more challenging trips where the portages are longer
and rugged? There is nothing more amazing than a long wilderness trip!

Once you’ve thought it through, check out the packs to see what volume and custom-fit features meet your needs.

If you want your heavy pack to feel “lighter” then consider the Wabakimi internal frame canoe pack.

The internal frame (2 aluminum stays in a framesheet) transfers the weight to your hips. You can feel the pressure release off your shoulders and back more than with a frameless pack. Your pack is still the same weight…but will feel lighter and more manageable. Who doesn’t want that!?