Prototype & Design

Custom Design & Prototyping

Having designed and produced hundreds of prototypes, you will have an experienced designer providing you with a practical and cost efficient design. I specialize in products that can be sewn from heavy nylon fabric, webbing, foam, plastic and buckles.

My areas of expertise include ergonomic and adjustable designs that reduce strain and fatigue on the user, and fit people of all shapes and sizes. These design concepts can be applied to backpacks, harnesses (chest and back) and vests. 

​After the initial meeting (by skype or in person), you will be provided with a non-disclosure agreement to ensure confidentiality. You will receive regular, consistent communication as the prototypes are developed, so they reflect your vision and budget needs. I welcome your input as we go through the collaborative process.


  • Prototype and sample design
  • Patterns
  • Manufacturing instruction manuals
  • Small quantity/batch manufacturing
  • Bid samples

Design Portfolio

  • Canadian Military Small Pack System, Rucksack and Med Bag;
  • Vests with extra back support to carry heavy gear
  • Custom-made camera bags, computer backpacks; 
  • Drum harnesses.

Reach Out!

I'd love to hear your ideas and your vision for your product. So contact me to set a time to chat by phone or video call.