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Voyageur Canoe Barrel Harness

“This harness is built to last and the Upper Load Adjuster is a piece of magic frankly. The Voyageur is unquestionably, the Best Barrel Harness on the market.” Peter H.

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60lbs of food never felt so light in this custom-fit canoe barrel harness! Say goodbye to harnesses that dig into your spine and lower back. Portages are hard enough. Why suffer needlessly with a painful barrel harness? Indulge yourself now, and you’ll have it for the rest of your life!

Sizing Chart
Shoulder Strap Size
Hip Belt Size

Giving Back

This year your purchase helps us donate packs to Project Canoe and Trails Youth Initiative. Nonprofits that get youth out on trip.

Custom-Fit. All Genders.

Interchangeable shoulder strap and hip belt sizes for a canoe barrel harness that fits like a glove.

  • S/M/L/XL shoulder straps
  • S/M/L/XL hip belt

How to Measure For The Perfect Barrel Harness

Forever Warranty

Buy once ... have it for a lifetime. More details here.

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Your Back Will Thank You!

UPPER ADJUSTMENT -Gamechanger! The extra 3” pulls the top of the barrel closer to your back. So it doesn’t pull backwards. Use the Lower Adjustment if you have a short back.

LUXURIOUS CONTOURED BACK –Our extra thick, ergonomically contoured foam eliminates pressure on your spine and is sooo comfy with a heavy load.

CUSTOM-FIT - So your load is held securely, close to your body. More comfortable, stable and safer on the portages.

GRAB AND HAUL – 3 padded handles on the front and back for easy lifting. We guarantee them not to fail.

TUMPLINE (optional) - Choose from the TRAD Tump, or the wider, curvier RAD tump.

VOLUME - Easily fits 60L and 30L canoe barrels.

WEIGHT - 1.63 kg / 3 lb 6 oz of comfort and toughness (harness only)

COLOUR - Purple

Get The Perfect Fit Canoe Barrel Harness In 3 Easy Steps

Follow the steps below to select your shoulder strap and hip belt sizes. (S, M, L, XL)

It’s quick and easy, and your back will love you for it! 

You will need a cloth measuring tape. Or some cord and a ruler. 

If you’re between sizes - simply select the larger size. 

Custom-fit Promise! If it doesn’t fit, we’ll make it right.

Reach out if you have any questions!

  • Custom-Fit Promise

    Awesome comfort and fit for all genders. Any body shape and size.

    If it doesn’t fit, we’ll make it right.
  • Free Shipping in Canada

    Free domestic shipping on orders over $125.

    65% off shipping to the U.S. on orders over $125.

  • Forever Warranty

    Buy once ... have it for a lifetime.

  • Youth on Canoe Trips

    This year your purchase helps us donate packs to Project Canoe and Trails Youth Initiative. Nonprofits that get kids out on trip.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ron Craigen
A Superior & Comfortable Harness

Superior padding and an easily adjustable harness make the Ostrom barrel harness the clear choice. I had my new harness out on 3 trips this season. Everyone had a chance to carry a heavily loaded 60 litre barrel over the course of these trips and we all agreed the harness was comfortable , well padded, and held the load securely close to the body. The harness was easily adjusted to comfortably fit each paddler in turn, male or female, big or small. This is a well crafted product that is built to last and keep you as comfortable as possible while hauling everyone’s food across the portage.
If you’re using a barrel on a trip you need a well built comfortable harness and this is it. A solid product that does its job well.
There have been some slightly cheaper harnesses on the market that lack the custom fit and comfort of the Ostrom harness and I’ve been on lots of trips where they have been in use by other paddlers. If price alone dictates your purchase of a slightly cheaper barrel harness you will regret it on the first long portage and probably even on the very first portage regardless of its length. Ultimately the purchase of a barrel harness is about comfort and the Ostrom harness is simply the best in that regard.

Simon Valleau
Voyageur Barrel Harness

I replaced my much loved, well used, falling apart barrel harnesses with two Voyageur Barrel Harnesses in 2021. They have been used and abused this summer and have held up very well. They are easily adjustable for the size and shape of the person carrying the barrel and they are stable and comfortable over long hauls with heavy weight. The multiple grip-points are good for stowing and lifting. Easy access to the barrel lid. I recommend these harnesses.

Peter H.
Best Barrel Harness on the market

Flexible, Durable and Comfortable are not words I have used with other harness products. The Ostrom Voyageur is miles ahead in all of these categories. Regardless of the load or barrel size, the Voyageur harness adjustability and comfort will reduce effort on even the most challenging portages. This harness is built to last and Load Adjuster is a piece of magic frankly. The Voyageur is unquestionably, the Best Barrel Harness on the market.

“The upper load adjuster is a piece of magic frankly” Peter H

Unique to Ostrom Outdoors

Think about the last time you carried a barrel.

If you’re like most people you spent the entire portage hunched forward. Trying to ignore the fact that the barrel was pulling you backwards.

That’s why the “Upper Adjustment” is such a gamechanger.

That shoulder stabilizer strap now attaches 3” higher to the top of the barrel.

So when you cinch it…it actually pulls the barrel closer to your back.

And the load closer to your centre of gravity.

If you have a short back, simply attach to the Lower Adjustment.

Be Surefooted and safer on the portage.

What if carrying the barrel made you feel like you were 25 again? A little spring in your step because it feels sooo good.

Imagine the load not shifting sideways every time you take a step...throwing you off balance.

Imagine just being able to focus on
the trail...or the birds...or your kids for that matter.

Portaging is part of the adventure ... and the more you enjoy it, the farther you’ll go.

Comfort and Reliability for a Lifetime of Memories

Read on for Technical Specifications

Ultra-Thick CONTOURED Back Pad

  • So soft! And flat! (It really does feel like our canoe packs.)There is 3/4”/19mm cushy reticulated foam over the contoured form made of dense EVA foam.
  • Lumbar pad has 1"/25mm soft ether foam over a layer of 3/8”/9.5mm dense EVA foam.

Curvy S-Shaped Shoulder Straps

  • S-shaped shoulder straps curve in all the right places and fit all genders. Choice of sizes (S, M, L, XL) means they don’t pinch.

  • Shoulder straps have two layers of foam to spread the weight so they don’t dig in. (3/8”/9.5mm high-quality EVA dense foam & 1/2”/13mm soft ether foam)

Cushy Padded Hip Belt

  • Comfortable for all genders. (S, M, L, XL) (3/8”/9.5mm high-quality EVA dense foam and 1/2”/13mm soft ether foam)

High Quality Materials

  • National Molding Duraflex buckles you can rely on. 
  • High-density EVA foam does not compress over time.
  • Check out our Forever Guarantee.

Durable Construction

  • High-stress areas are reinforced with a bar-tack. (shoulder strap and hip belt attachments, handles) 

You know you want this barrel harness - what's stopping you?

All Your Questions Answered!

What if I make an error on my sizing?

Reach out! We send you instructions on how to check the fit.

Our custom-fit promise means that we’ll work with you to make sure you have the right sizing.

Our shoulder straps and hip belt are interchangeable and easy to switch out. (We even have video instructions!)


We cover all shipping costs.

Is custom-fit worth the investment?

Here's something to think about. Portages will get harder as you get older. (Trust us!) Your pack will feel heavier and the smallest twist of an ankle or knee on the portage could wreck your summer.

A pack or harness that fits means you will be more surefooted and comfortable on the trail. So you can be confident in getting out summer after summer, perhaps on more challenging trips. (Quetico or the BWCA anyone?)

Thinking about the next 30 years…How does that return on investment sound?

“We loaded the pack up to about 55-60lbs and my husband helped me get it on my back and tighten everything up. It was a dream!!!

No more pain on my neck and shoulders from ill-fitting straps, and a waist belt that actually came to my waist and tightened up, and stayed in place. The portaging was SO MUCH EASIER for me!” C

What’s the warranty?

Our Forever Warranty means that our products are warrantied to any owner for the lifetime of the product against defects in materials or workmanship under normal use.

If your Ostrom Outdoors product fails due to a material or manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace it at our option.

Read more.

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What is your return policy?

Any unused product can be returned for refund or exchange
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You are responsible for return shipping costs.

Contact us to initiate a return.

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65% off shipping on orders over $125. You can choose your ground courier at checkout.

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Why are your packs heavier than others?


Interchangeable shoulder straps and hip belt, and the adjustable torso all require extra buckles, fabric, webbing and reinforcement.

Obviously, we feel the pros outweigh the cons of a little extra weight.

Imagine feeling more comfortable, surefooted and confident on the portages. And wanting to go further into the backcountry.


Yeah, we took a hard look at ways to reduce weight…but it meant compromising on durability.

Check out the extra fabric and webbing to reinforce the suspension system and high-stress areas.

Making sure you have a pack you can rely on in the backcountry is the backbone of our Forever Warranty.

Have a question we didn't answer?

Send Bill a quick message. We're happy to help.

35 Years of Helping Paddlers Discover the Joys of Portaging

We’ve been tripping with our families since we were kids. And got so fed up with uncomfortable canoe packs and nasty barrel harnesses that Bill just had to design a solution.

He first looked to backpack designs for inspiration. The result was:

  • the first-ever internal frame portage pack. (So impressive with heavy loads.)
  • the first barrel harness with a contoured foam back pad and Upper Adjustment. (Game changer!)
  • and the first to offer custom-fit … because carrying 50+ lbs in a one-size-fits-all pack is unnecessarily painful.

“It was a blast being the lead designer for the Canadian Armed Forces Rucksack and Small Pack
System. We used scientific research and field testing to fully understand how pack design impacts load carriage, load control and weight transfer. It dramatically changed my approach to design. Custom-sizing does matter.
Bill Ostrom